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PMI Tulsa Mini-PDD: Expanding your PM Toolkit


Fine tune the tools used in Project Management with this 1/2 day Professional Development Day. Join us to listen and learn from local leaders on how to leverage common project management tools and best practices to elevate your skills and business contribution. You will be given the choice of 7 different sessions to hone your PM skills and learn from  local software, consulting services and business executives.  Participants attending this half-day PDD can earn up to 4 Technical PDU's toward their PMI certification(s). Registration opens at 12:30pm with our Keynote at 1:00pm.


Joe-Walker_head-shot.jpg1:00pm Keynote:  Joe Walker, Sr. VP Technology Services for MyHealth Access Network (Oklahoma Non-Profit) with PM Beth Delancy.  "Taking a Project from Vision to Reality"

Our Keynote Speaker, Joe Walker, will provide highlights from one of Tulsa's most prestigious community- and state-wide health information projects you've quite possibly never heard of involving thousands of stakeholders, hundreds of integration points, and the highest data security. The path to building a Health Information Exchange is long and challenging but something that is vital to improving the overall health of our country. Join us as we learn about the inspiration and mission behind MyHealth Access Network, Oklahoma's HIE.  MyHealth is built out of a collaboration of healthcare professionals and organizations from around the state and nation. The complexities of defining, planning, building, implementing, securing and maintaining such a large database of information are astounding. Joe will discuss some of these challenges and how they managed stakeholders, scope, and risk to become a pioneer among health information exchanges in the country.

  • Learn how to identify, manage and leverage PM challenges associated with large community-based projects, including:
  • Broad and evolving Scope requirements.
  • High risk exposure in the realm of Data security, warehousing, and analysis.
  • Expansive stakeholder management requirements.

Track 1: PM Technical Toolkit

Dan-Alpert.jpg2:00pm Leveraging scheduling tools for best fit and value (Dan Alpert, Principal Consultant, Chandelier Consulting, LLC)

Ever wonder what scheduling learning tools are out there? When is the right time to get more schedule focused training to fit the needs of your team? Whether you currently use scheduling tools or not, knowing the specific questions to ask and approaches to try when reviewing your project's scheduling needs is critical to a project's success. 
  • Learn the scheduling tools available for your projects.
  • Discover how to leverage them based on the skills of your project team.

PBPic2.jpg3:00pm Expanding your Analytics Toolkit with Power BI (Phillip Bonavida,  VP Consulting Project Management, BOK Financial)

Businesses are increasingly dependent on data, metrics, and key performance indicators. Dashboards have become a vital part of C-level management with implications on business development, course correction, performance reviews, and project prioritization.
  • Learn how to implement Power Bl as a tool that can help to quickly convert that data into meaningful information.
  • Leverage the vast number of disparate data sources available in your business.
  • Develop new levels of transparency and provide significantly-enhanced visibility into project activities.

Sam-Bedri.jpeg4:00pm Expanding your Team Collaboration using Teams/Office 365/Planner (Sam Bedri, CEO Bedri Systems)

With the technologies available today, Project Managers share a goal to work smarter, not harder in their management of people, time, scope and budgets. 

Sam will demonstrate and discuss how to leverage the Microsoft family of products (Office 365, Teams, Sharepoint, Planner).
  • Learn how to maximize collaboration.
  • Learn how to identify and reduce wasted time among project team members.
  • Ensure the security of data.
  • Channel communication among team members for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Track 2: PM Best Practices

bill2019headshot.jpg2:00pm Preparing Your Organization for Change  (Bill Fournet, CEO The Persimmon Group)

What does your business user / stakeholder say about your project and project team when you aren't in the room? Do they feel that you understand their needs? Do they see you as a partner, or do they view you as another "disruptor" to their operations? With project teams being driven towards speed in delivery of change, there has been a lack of focus on minimizing the disruption that the change causes. In this session, Bill will share key insights into how you can better prepare your organization for change.
  • Understand what Organizational/Business Change is and how it integrates with your project.
  • Leverage proven approaches to mitigate the operational impact to your business.
  • Learn how to engage your key business users into becoming your Change Champion.

JasonKnight_square_500_500.png3:00pm Conducting Effective Retrospectives to Maximize Process Improvement (Jason Knight, Professional Scrum Master and Lean Coach)

Some say that the Sprint Retrospective is the most important event in the Scrum framework. Though each Scrum event is an opportunity to improve, the  

Retrospective is dedicated to the disciplined practice of improving the Scrum Team.

  • Discuss and build the anatomy of a professionally facilitated Scrum Retrospective.
  • Develop the means of identifying and tracking both process improvement and team dynamics.

Bruce-Jordan.jpg4:00pm Project Controls Best Practices (Bruce Jordan, Partner, Arrowhead Consulting)

There are many different choices when it comes to defining what Project Controls should look like across companies and industries. What is not widely understood is that in the long run, Project Control is a professional function that requires a specialized skill set. Learn from Bruce what Project Control skill sets you need to avoid chaos.
  • Review basics of Project Controls across all stages of the project lifecycle.
  • Learn best practices for key Project Control.
  • Learn to avoid pitfalls to each of these practices with improve your practice of Project Control.

Event Rates:
  • Earlybird rate: $125 through 8/23/19 (Use Promo Code: EarlyBird2019)
  • Regular rate: $150: 8/24/19 - 9/8/19
  • Late rate: $200: 9/9/19 - 9/13/19




It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of activity: Professional Development Day (PDD)

Date: September 13th, 2019

Hour: 12:30PM to 5:00PM

Number of PDUs: 4.0


Members: USD$200.00

Non members: USD$200.00

Students: USD$200.00


Tulsa Hilton Garden Inn Midtown, 4518 E Skelly Dr, Tulsa, OK 74135

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