Reporting PDUs

Procedure:          Reporting PDUs to the PMI Website for Continuing Certification


This procedure provides step by step instructions on how to claim PDUs for attending PMI Tulsa events.


Members and attendees of PMI Tulsa events.


Logon to PMI Global with your PMI logon and password.

  1. Select your name from the top right menu to view your "myPMI" info.
  2. Your Certification Status with your PMP number should appear in the right column of your "myPMI" window.  Select "Report PDUs" to get to the PDU system.
  3. You should be in the Report PDUs section now and will have all the categories available to you.
  4. In the left column under Education, select "Course or Training"
  5. On the Course or Training page, type in "C052" in the Provider section (C zero five two, not C O five two) and it should auto-populate PMI Tulsa Chapter
  6. Enter the PDU ID from the chapter meeting (typically in yyyymmdd format without spaces, Ex. 20160108 for a January 8, 2016 meeting)
  7. In most cases, the system should auto-populate with the event and show the description.  It also pre-fills the PDU talent triangle allocation. If there are issues, try the full activity ID including the chapter ID such as C052-20160108.
  8. Select the date of the chapter meeting from the Date Started and Date Completed section.
  9. Review the claim submission.
  10. Click on I agree this claim is accurate then click on Submit.

You should receive an email confirmation that your claim has been submitted and then a separate message when it is approved.  For chapter meetings, these messages typically occur in less than five minutes.

It is a wise practice to save all PDU Approval Emails.

You can also claim PDUs from non-chapter sources from this page including volunteer work, working as a practitioner (doing your job), viewing/listening to webinars, podcasts, reading, etc.  Just select the category from the Report PDUs section and follow the prompts.

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