2021 Nonprofit Partner Scholarhips

Do you work at a nonprofit agency that serves youth in the Tulsa area?  Do you want to learn more about project management?  

Young people are tomorrow’s global leaders. PMI Tulsa's 2021 goal is to forge partnerships with the nonprofit organizations that support and prepare Tulsa area youth for success by offering our project management expertise, resources, and volunteers to aid them in their missions.  PMI Tulsa is committed to enabling youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management.  We know many of our nonprofit partners are leading change and providing value to area youth through a variety of programs and projects every year.  We know how much work it takes to successfully complete projects and we believe that membership with PMI.org and PMI Tulsa chapter will benefit these partners and the clients they serve.  

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship:



    1. An employee of a non-profit that serves youth
    2. That works within the geographical boundaries of PMI Tulsa
    3. That has not had a PMI membership in the past

Selection criteria and process: Application award will be on a first come first serve basis.  Once selected, applicants will be notified, asked to sign up for membership and provide receipt of payment, and PMI Tulsa will then reimburse them for the costs.

Award Amount: $169.  This covers the first year of membership to PMI ($139) and first year of membership to the PMI Tulsa chapter ($30).

To be considered, please fill out our 2021 PMI Tulsa Scholarship Application.