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Defining and Managing a Successful AI project

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Nearly 60% of organizations have deployed AI, according to Gartner's recent analysis. AI projects are predicted to grow, resulting in an increase in AI staffing numbers over the next 3 years, including AI PM jobs. If AI interests you as a professional, how are you preparing yourself to be an innovative PM? Do you have a high project management technology quotient (PMTQ)?

The key factors of PMTQ include: always-on curiosity, all-inclusive leadership, and a future-proof talent pool. “What separates innovators from laggards is their ability to adapt, manage, and integrate technology based on the needs of the organization or project at hand," said Mike DePrisco, PMI's VP of Global Solutions. “In order to achieve true digital sustainability, organizations will need to be more agile and establish a culture of continuous learning. The organizations that successfully navigate change effectively choose the right technology, lay out a clear vision of the future to foster buy-in, reimagine career journeys to make room for jobs that may not even exist yet and focus on closing the gap between delivering strategy and implementing it.” 

Join our PMI Tulsa Hot Topics Meetup on Tuesday, 9/24/19 at 5:30pm to learn the foundational skills in defining and managing an AI project with David Gillman, Partner with Collaborative Metrix. Meeting will be held at the offices of BedriSystems, 5314 S. Yale, Ste 310, Tulsa, OK.  https://www.meetup.com/Tulsa-PM-Professionals/events/264523368/


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