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Leaders: 5 Types of “Must Have” Networks


Serving others as “The Connection Coach” means consulting professionals on the art of networking smart. Knowing how to plan, connect and grow mutually beneficial relationships holds many benefits for today’s thought leaders. You probably already know that having a vast network of resources to lean on can help move the needle of your business forward but to really increase your networking success, consider establishing different types of networks that serve diverse purposes. If a leader’s success relies on the success of the people they lead, what steps are you taking to build and sustain diverse circles of influence to support your leadership strategy?

Smart leaders know how to identify multiple resources, connect efficiently and are not afraid to ask others for help. To fine-tune your networking skills, tap into your power to influence and partner with others to expand your impact as a leader. Tracy M. Byham and Richard S. Wellins, authors of the book Your First Leadership Job, believe great leadership takes place every day, in the smallest of ways and share five suggestions for building different types of professional networks for leaders.

5 Types of Professional Networks for Leaders

  1. An Idea Network

    People who offer innovation and ideas.
  2. A Development Network

    People interested in your development and growth.
  3. A Social Network

    People you can rely on for support and good advice.
  4. An Influence Network

    People at your firm who can direct you to the necessary information and resources.
  5. A Career Network

    People in your company and outside of it who can advise you.

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