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PDD Presenter - Dan Alpert

Press release

Dan is Principal Consultant with Chandelier Consulting and calls himself a "PM solution creator". He has over 23 years in energy engineering, project controls and project management. His strength lies in delivering project outcomes while developing and using analytics on project cost, schedule and progress data to produce succinct, accurate and predictive narratives and graphical performance indicators.  Join the PMI Tulsa PDD on 9/13/19 to learn how to leverage scheduling tools for best fit and value at your organization based on your skills and the skills of your project team. 

Whether you currently use scheduling tools or not, learn the specific questions to ask and approaches to try when reviewing your project's scheduling needs.  What self-directed scheduling learning tools are out there and when might you need more focused training or development to fit the needs of your team?  Join us for answers to one of Project Managers most difficult challenges - scheduling.


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