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PMI Tulsa Professional Development Day: Who is Mallory Weggemann

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PMI Tulsa Professional Development Day

Friday September 18th

Who is Mallory Weggemann and How Can she change Your Life?


Mallory Weggemann is a two-time Paralympian (2012, 2016) who took home both a gold and a bronze medal in the sport of swimming. She is also a World Champion,who recently earned a Gold and Silver Medal in 2019.

After becoming paralyzed from the waist down, she was determined to turn tregedy into triumph. She did just that!

Watch this inspiring video to learn more about this amazing Champion! Then register to hear her message for PMI Tulsa that can change YOUR life!

We are honored for Mallory to kick off our PDD on Friday Sept. 18th. Dont miss this incredible opportuniuty! 


In the video following, Mallory describes how she handles changes to her "project", which is to continue being a World Champion and a Paralympian.

Rather than accept her fate, she chose to use her sudden paralysis to become one of the top swimmers in the world. She was training for the 2020 gameswhen the Pandemic began.

Mallory Weggemann Video

Mallory will inspire you to reach for the STARS!



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