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PMI Tulsa Scholarship Opportunities 2021

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Project management is all around us.

Its skills and approaches, while certainly applicable, are not reserved for complex or commercial goals. In fact, some of the most impactful projects currently in progress around the world have the goal of inspiring the next generation, raising involved citizens, and fostering a bright future in our communities.

A project of this nature might be to develop curriculum that expands a youth program, or a partnership between two non-profit organizations to make a larger impact. Balancing scope, negotiating with stakeholders, becoming more efficient, and communicating effective proposals are all integral to doing more with less.

You, as a project leader, have a front row seat to the impact your work creates. Project management offers a comprehensive, formal approach to achieving that impact.

This is why PMI Tulsa is proud to offer this year’s chapter scholarships. They are a simple, yet valuable avenue for local professionals, working in these capacities, to access a community of like-minded project managers and tools to help them realize their goals.

Working under the strategic vision of the Project Management Institute’s Education Foundation (PMIEF), scholarships are geared toward those professionals working with our future global project leaders. Awarded on a rolling basis, each scholarship will cover the cost of a one-year PMI International member fee, as well as local chapter dues. This also includes access to PMI’s expansive tools and knowledge bases.

To apply, and to learn more about PMI Tulsa and PMIEF, please visit the links below.

PMI Tulsa Scholarship Application

PMIEF | Mission and Story

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