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Save the Date 9/13/19: Professional Retrospective: Tuning the Engine of Change w/ Jason Knight

Brief Bio:

Jason Knight is known around Tulsa, OK as the guy to talk to about Scrum and agility in general. He loves software development, the practice of agility and servant leadership. His journey has taken him from small development jobs to enterprise level coaching and teaching. Along the way, he’s picked up many useful skills and a wealth of experience in the areas of professional software development, agile frameworks and methodologies, and leadership development through modeling, teaching and coaching.

These days, he works as an Organizational Effectiveness partner. Think of that like a combination of Scrum Master, Lean Coach and internal consultant for his organization, Sapphire Digital. He’s learning more and more about how leaders can use sense-and-respond techniques to be effective in complex, adaptive environments. He still writes on his blog every now and then too :). Check this one out:


Along the way, he’s helped start a meetup in Tulsa for agile practitioners, given talks at conferences both near and far, and grown hugely as a person and in practice of agility.

Presentation Recap
Some say that the Sprint Retrospective is the most important event in the Scrum framework. Though each Scrum event is an opportunity to improve, the Retrospective is dedicated to the disciplined practice of improving the Scrum Team. In this talk, you'll encounter the anatomy of a professionally facilitated Scrum Retrospective. Informed by both Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great by Esther Derby and Retromat: Run Great Agile Retrospectives by Corinna Baldauf, I'll explain the utility of constructing a deliberately designed Retrospective event. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to explore the structure of effective Retrospectives. You'll even be invited to design and implement your own retrospective plan. 
I believe the Scrum Retrospective is the most important of the Scrum events. Join me in this session. You'll emerge with everything you need to investigate how the Scrum Retrospective can become a well-tuned engine of change in your organization.


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