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Scholarship Recipient Spotlight #3

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PMI Tulsa would like to recognize its third member scholarship recipient for 2021, Sarah Block.


Biography: Sarah Block has lived in the Tulsa area since she moved here from South Carolina at the age of 5.  For college, she attended TCC before transferring to Northeastern State University for her bachelor’s degree, then moved on to receive a Master’s of Accountancy from the University of Tulsa.  She has worked for CAP Tulsa for a little over 5 years and is currently the Manager of Reporting and Budgeting.  CAP Tulsa is a nonprofit dedicated to helping young children in lower-income families grow up and achieve economic success by utilizing a two-generation approach.  This aims to prepare young children for future success in school and also to help their parents succeed through programs designed to increase parenting skills, employability, and earning potential. 


How did you first learn about Project Management as a formal methodology?

  • While I was volunteering for a theatre company, one of the Board members mentioned she was studying for a Project Management test, which I had never heard of before. I tucked that nugget of information away for a bit and when I started at CAP one of our program leaders also had the PMP designation which piqued my interest once again, so I started looking into it and found out there are quite a few of our leaders who are Project Management Professionals!

Can you share a bit about a recent project you have worked on and your role?

  • Over the past few years, we’ve had a few changes at CAP in the Accounting department, including implementing a new ERP software. However, we took the opportunity to evaluate how we are structuring the General Ledger while doing this implementation which resulted in needing to update all five of our accounting systems!  This was quite an undertaking and we split the work up so our Director was in charge of the ERP implementation, and I worked with two of our other system consultants to get everything up-to-date and correct so the integration with our ERP once the implementation was completed would work.   

What feels the most intimidating to you about the Project Management/PMI approach?

  • I am not sure that intimidating is a word I would use, although the amount of information available so far has been overwhelming – like staring into a Grand Canyon of information. The best approach seems to be to look at it in small, digestible chunks and try to keep an eye on the total picture.

Are there any aspects of project management that you're most excited to learn more about (e.g. resource management, stakeholder management, schedule management, etc.)?

  • Resource management and work breakdown structures are two immediate areas of interest that I would like to learn more about and are areas that I feel I am lacking in my own project management approach, thus far.


If you are interested in our scholarship opportunities, please visit our webform below.

PMI Tulsa Scholarship Opportunities 2021 | PMI Tulsa Chapter


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