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Scholarship Recipient Spotlight #1

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PMI Tulsa would like to recognize its first member scholarship recipient for 2021, Vanessa Dinh-Nguyen.


Biography: Vanessa Dinh-Nguyen is the Education and Collaborative Action Project Manager at ImpactTulsa. Working at an organization that strives for systems change in the community and education, Vanessa collaborates with other community leaders to increase access to equitable opportunities and quality education for students, especially those of diverse backgrounds. She attended Oklahoma State University and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Sciences and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from the College of Human Sciences.


How did you first learn about Project Management as a formal methodology?

  • I learned more about project management a few years ago as I started seeing my managers and colleagues using certain methods to introduce and lay the foundation for new projects. It was quite a transition to learn the formalities, timelines, and outlines for everything, but I saw the value of it and appreciate the concreteness and efficiency it can bring in working with others.

Can you share a bit about a recent project you've worked on and your role?

  • The most recent project I worked on was creating an internal online resource for our program team that provides presentation tools, frameworks for facilitation, and training around continuous learning and improvement. My role in it most recently was project lead for phase 2 of the work, where I managed the finalization of content, notes and placement, navigation, and maintenance protocols.

What is most intimidating to you about the Project Management/PMI approach?

  • The project management approach I find most intimidating is ensuring that I am comprehensive in the tools and aspects that would make a project most successful. There are many working parts to project management, like risk management, that are often left out. Making sure I use the right approaches to each unique project will also be something I look forward to understanding and using.

Are there any aspects of project management that you're most excited to learn more about (e.g. resource management, stakeholder management, schedule management, etc.)?

  • I am interested in learning about all the possibilities of project management systems that support cross-sector collaboration and stakeholder management. I’m always interested in knowing how I can help our team or project be more efficient, to continue to be more effective in our larger efforts to better outcomes for our students and families.


If you are interested in our scholarship opportunities, please visit our webform below.

PMI Tulsa Scholarship Opportunities 2021 | PMI Tulsa Chapter


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