Policy Statement

The reimbursement policy describes the purpose and types of reimbursable income  that can be reimbursed for events held during or in support of activities sponsored by the PMI Tulsa Chapter. 

It is the Board’s policy to reimburse those members, committee members or volunteers not able to attend an event due to reasonable circumstances  where a “fee” has been paid to the PMI Tulsa Chapter. 

The Board reserves the right to change this policy at any time previous approval process.


In case any member or volunteer is unable to attend after payment has been provided the following policy will abide:

Lunch and Learn Events

  1. Up to 4 days (96 hrs) in advance, 100% OR credit
  2. Up to 2 days (48 hrs) in advance, credit only
  3. Else 0%

PDD events, Summits, and Training Classes

  1. Up to 6 days in advance, 100% reimbursement
  2. Up to 4 days in advance, 50% reimbursement
  3. Up to 2 days in advance, credit only of 50% toward future meetings.
  4. 2 days or less, 0%


E-mail notice is required. Verbal cancellations are not valid.

Reimbursement Method.

In any case of the above described the reimbursement will be initiated and completed by the VP of finances prior approval of the VP of programs and/or President. Reimbursement will be done via Stripe or Paypal. Checks shall not be used for reimbursement purposes.