Kuma Roberts, IOM

Senior Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant for Arrowhead Consulting

Keynote - 'Use the Force: Leveraging Project Management to Become a JEDI'

Allison Greco

Founder of Continuous Improvement International (CII)

'Stop Spinning, Start Deciding'

Jessica Blake

Owner and Lead Consultant of Blake Consulting Group

'Productivity for the Project Manager'

DeVon Douglass

Diversity & Inclusion Strategist | Founder of Aurora Advising

'Quitting to Win'

Monica Del Valle, PMP

Senior Consultant | The Persimmon Group

Why Can't We be Friends - The One About Stakeholder Management

Rachel Chinnock, PMP

Senior Consultant | The Persimmon Group

Why Can't We be Friends - The One About Stakeholder Management

Aaron Sams

Senior Vice President at Archon Resources

'Partnering to Win'


Happy Hour | sponsored by Archon Resources


Welcome, Introductions and Chapter News, Juhon Irons, PMI Tulsa President


Keynote - Kuma Roberts, Use the force: Leveraging Project Management to Become a JEDI


Allison Greco - Stop Spinning, Start Deciding

Stop the endless analysis paralysis and finally get your team to make a decision.  This session will cover the foundations of effective decision making and attendees will learn how to utilize a Pairwise Comparison and a Decision (Criteria) Matrix.  

If your team struggles to make decisions, join this session and learn two of CII's favorite tools to lead your team to a decision they can all support!


PMI Tulsa Board Panel Discussion

Our Chapter is entirely volunteer driven and success greatly depends upon engagement from members.  Are you interested in possibly volunteering to help the chapter or serve on the Board in the future?  This is a great opportunity to hear from the current board about the effort taken for different roles, so that you might decide when and how you could serve the chapter in the future.


Jessica Blake - Productivity for the Project Manager

Project managers have more on their plates than ever: hundreds of emails coming in and dozens of people (or more!) to coordinate with every day. Without having a productivity system in place, important things may slip through the cracks, leading to project delays, overspending, injuries, or more. Learn how to tame the overwhelm, implement practical strategies, and start making improvements in your work immediately in this fun and interactive workshop.


Monica Del Valle & Rachel Chinook, Why Can't We be Friends - The One About Stakeholder Management

“So no one told you Project Management was gonna be this way … !” Sound familiar? In this session, The Persimmon Group's Senior Consultants Monica Del Valle and Rachel Chinnock bring a fresh perspective to what is arguably one of the trickiest aspects project management: Stakeholder Management. Providing practical approaches, helpful templates, and real-world examples, Monica and Rachel will help you turn your stakeholders into “Friends!” They will share levity-filled lessons learned from their own diverse consulting experiences. You’ll leave with engagement strategies for assessing and engaging stakeholders from a unique perspective. You’ll also get tips for how to find key stakeholders at any point in your project. Join Monica and Rachel for a fresh yet fun take on a critical PM concept.


DeVon Douglass - Quitting to Win

Quitters never win and winners never quit. Or so they say. Attendees will learn new maxims, practices, and ways of thinking to replace the outdated belief that quitting never leads to success. In fact, quitting may be the best path to success. 


Aaron Sams - Partnering to Win

A strong partnership is key to a successful project.  A strong partnership with a professional services agency is critical to executing projects on time and under budget.  Do you have a relationship with a staffing agency?  This session will help you identify why it is important to have a partnership with a staffing agency, how a staffing agency can become an extension of your projects, and how market intelligence is provided, to help execute on projects, by having this partnership.